Burn Your Fat With Me! FG Download APK

Download Burn Your Fat With Me! FG 5.2.6 APK

The revolutionary fusion of otome game + fitness app that’s hugely popular in Japan is finally making its English-language debut!

Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls is the first ever romance adventure fitness app intended for girls.

The app has a cast of popular Japanese voice actors, plus actors living in America, for a huge volume of vocal recordings with about 1,000 words!!

Kei Katsuragi    CV: Daisuke Namikawa(Jp), Jon Bullock(En)
Toma Maizono CV: Ryohei Kimura(Jp), Howard Wang(En)
Ryuji Shiba   CV: Katsuyuki Konishi(Jp), Curtis Arnott(En)
Shinobu Kujyou   CV: Yusuke Kobayashi(Jp), Michael Kovach(En)

“Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls” is free to download!
There is also some paid content available, but you can enjoy the game to the end for free.

“Burn your fat with me!!” series is a fitness app/dating sim that provides players with the motivation to work out through moé, a Japanese term describing that heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female anime character.

We call it moévation.


BYFWM for Girls Version 4.0 Special Update!


Back Extension Excercise Add
Back Extension Apisodes Add
New Character Shinobu Kujyou Add


What is “Burn your fat with me!!”?


“Burn your fat with me!!” is the first in a series moévation fitness apps from Japanese indie developer Creative Freaks. The Japanese version, “Nensho!”, has reached over 600,000 downloads and has gained recognition among the otaku community for being the first moé-themed app to break into the iTunes Top 10 ranking and have a fully localized release.


How does it work?


At its core, “Burn your fat with me!!” is a Japanese visual novel game akin to the “Phoenix Wright” or “Professor Layton” series. But instead of building a case or solving puzzles, the player advances the story by clearing fitness goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes.


What else is in it?


・What is a ‘voice pack’?

 A voice pack is an add-on allowing you to enjoy the episodes with characters voiced.
 The heroine remains unvoiced. The voice packs are not needed to hear the training voices.

・What is the ‘voice collection’ for?

 The voice collection is a gallery where you can replay the training voices you have collected.
 Voices will be unlocked as you progress through the episodes. Unlocked voices will be shown as ‘?????’.

・Ryuji and Toma’s voice collections are marked as unpurchased. What do I need to purchase to unlock these voices?

 The voice collection will be available by purchasing ‘Ryuji (Sit-ups) Add-on’ and ‘Toma (Sit-ups) Add-on’.
 In order to unlock all the voices in the collection the following add-ons are needed:
 Ryuji (Push-ups) Add-on
 Toma (Push-ups) Add-on
 Ruiji (Squats) Add-on
 Toma (Squats) Add-on

・The voices are sounding a little static.

 You may have a sound enhance running on your phone.
 Please turn off enhancers to enjoy the voices without any glitches.

・The training ads are a bother.

 Purchasing the Calendar/Timer Add-on will remove in training ads.

・I can’t install the app!

 We are unfortunately unable to assist you with this problem. Please contact Google Play for assistance.
 Please also check your if this app is compatible with your device.




Developed and produced by Creative Freaks

For updates and more information:

Website: http://nensho-for-girls.net/En/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BurnYourFatWithMe

©2015 CreativeFreaks
Fixed some bugs.

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Burn Your Fat With Me! FG 5.2.6 screenshots 1Burn Your Fat With Me! FG 5.2.6 screenshots 2Burn Your Fat With Me! FG 5.2.6 screenshots 3

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3D blue fire Ice wolf launcher theme Download APK

Download 3D blue fire Ice wolf launcher theme 1.2.4 APK

🐺3D Blue fire Ice wolf theme >> Profile
🌲This cool lightning fire ice wolf free 3D Android theme, this theme skin collection of 3D blue fire ice wolf dynamic mobile theme wallpaper (3D ice wolf wallpaper contains blue night glow wolf eyes, ferocious exposed teeth Dynamic wolf head, etc.) 3D cool fire ice wolf style application icons, effects of high-definition fire ice wolf and so on, and now free download this HD 3D lightning ice wolf wallpapers and dozens of cool ice game style application icon dynamic mobile theme skin , Make your android phone different.
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3D Blue fire Ice wolf theme >> Attention

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3D blue fire Ice wolf launcher theme 1.2.4 screenshots 13D blue fire Ice wolf launcher theme 1.2.4 screenshots 23D blue fire Ice wolf launcher theme 1.2.4 screenshots 3

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Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019 Download APK

Download Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019 1.4.1 APK

Now phone becomes a magic piano, you can play favorite songs!

One of the most addicting feature we bring in Magic Piano Pink – Music Game is battle mode. This game is an online multiplayer game, you can challenge Facebook friends or many peoples online in the world and win free gems.

Moreover, With Magic Piano Pink allows you to upload and play best songs in OWN music library from smartphone.

How to Play:
Tap on the tiles continuously to play the music, don’t miss any tiles to complete every song and try get high scores by perfect rhythm. Special gifts if you have 3 crowns.

Game Features:
– Battle mode for you to play with others online around the world and get gems from them. Particularly, you can create own room so you can invite friends to play.
– High quality music sound tracks with a large collection of piano songs from classic to modern or kid songs, pop, rock, EDM.
– Upload custom songs and play.
– Cool design and graphics.
– 10+ tiles styles to choose.
– Add songs & themes follow Christmas, Halloween, New Year… events.
– Get check-in reward and lucky spin each day.
– Daily quest and achievements to win tons of gems and coins.
– Simple to play, hard to master. Tapping only the music tiles in some high speed songs can be a real challenge!
– Log in to Facebook account and save data on multiple devices.
– Leader board so you can compare scores with world-wide players or friends.

Download Magic Piano Pink – Music Game now and play fantastic music game for free. The most exciting and most challenging online piano music game you have ever played in life.

Any problem, please send email to : [email protected] !
– Edit Achievements.
– Fix Bugs.
– Add songs:
+ Tum Balalaika
+ The House of the Rising Sun

>>>Download Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019 1.4.1 APK<<<

Magic Piano Pink - Music Game 2019 1.4.1 screenshots 1Magic Piano Pink - Music Game 2019 1.4.1 screenshots 2Magic Piano Pink - Music Game 2019 1.4.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019 1.4.1 APK<<<

Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry Download APK

Download Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry 2.1.6 APK

Dash and fly diagonally through geometric paths. Test your reflexes in this hell! Take the demon arrowhead to the end of the ride. Try to beat Diagonal Hell the geometry arcade game.

Get ready for this impossible arcade challenge! Dash, fly diagonally and evade the geometric obstacles. Don’t crash! And make the demon arrowhead go through dangerous geometry and reach the checkpoint!

Simple one touch game play with hard levels that will test your reflexes!

★ Ride through 8 unique endless procedurally generated levels!
★ Unlock new skins to customize The Demon Arrowhead!
★ Make tons of points before reaching the checkpoint
★ Test your reflexes moving diagonally through geometric levels
★ Arcade geometry dash hell
★ Challenge yourself to not crash in this impossible game!

Diagonal Hell The new geometry arcade game from Demium Games


🔥Check us out!

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/DemiumGames
* Website: http://www.demiumgames.com/

The all new, all different Diagonal Hell is here! Faster than darkness, harder as usual, Diagonal Hell will test your reflexes once again on your phone. We have a lot of surprises to practice your skills, such as:

-More than 60 new skins.

-Two new levels and greater variety in all of them.

-Completely redesigned interface.

-Performance improvements

>>>Download Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry 2.1.6 APK<<<

Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry 2.1.6 screenshots 1Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry 2.1.6 screenshots 2Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry 2.1.6 screenshots 3

>>>Download Diagonal Hell: Demon Geometry 2.1.6 APK<<<

Random Football Team: Lucky roulette Download APK

Download Random Football Team: Lucky roulette 3.4 APK

Useful for people who play football game: PES, FIFA,…
Always play with or against the same clubs or players?
And now ready for a real challenge?
Use our Random Football Team to really challenge your friends!
Random Football Team allows you to better pick teams at random.
Random Football Team allows you to add group by yourself.
You want to add more teams on the list? Just give me comments
Included: Premier league, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Laliga, Serie A, Super Lig, Primeira Liga, Ekstraklasa, Major League Soccer, Eredivisie, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, K league Classic, J1 League, Russian Premier League
– Fix bugs.

>>>Download Random Football Team: Lucky roulette 3.4 APK<<<

Random Football Team: Lucky roulette 3.4 screenshots 1Random Football Team: Lucky roulette 3.4 screenshots 2Random Football Team: Lucky roulette 3.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Random Football Team: Lucky roulette 3.4 APK<<<

Quidd – Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! Download APK

Download Quidd – Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! 03.30.00 APK

Quidd is your app for creating, sharing, and collecting exclusive and hard-to-get stickers, GIFs, and 3D content from your favorite shows, anime, movies, comic books, and YouTubers.

Get your hands on one-of-a-kind collaborations with Disney®, Rick & Morty™, Game of Thrones®, MARVEL®, Transformers™, My Little Pony™, Naruto: Shippuden, Bob’s Burgers™, and more.

Here’s how it works: Quidd drops new sticker, GIF, and 3D content everyday, you collect your favorites and build a valuable collection!

There. Is. More. Every sticker and GIF you collect can be used to annoy your friends in Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Allo Messenger. And everyday new mystery boxes drop.

Did you miss the drop? Don’t worry. Our amazing community is here to help you find a copy and buy and sell items with you.

Over 2 BILLION limited-edition items have been sold to-date. Get in line. The next drop could happen at any minute.

PS: the Quidd Keyboard will never track your keystrokes. 😉


There are over 100 collections on Quidd, including:

Steven Universe
Rick & Morty
Adventure Time
Game of Thrones
Naruto: Shippuden
Arrested Development
Attack on Titan
Bob’s Burgers
Bravest Warriors
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Care Bears
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Cow and Chicken
DC Comics
Dexter’s Laboratory
Dishonored 2
Dr. Seuss
Dungeon’s & Dragons
Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy
The Elder Scrolls
Fallout 4
Family Guy
Five Nights at Freddy’s
Fraggle Rock
GI Joe
God of War
Golden Girls
Hello Kitty
Hello Neighbor
Jim Henson
Johnny Bravo
Lost Kitties
Magic: The Gathering
Major League Baseball
Michael Jackson
Muhammad Ali
My Hero Academia
My Little Pony
Ni No Kuni II
Ouran High School Host Club
Powerpuff Girls
Power Rangers
Princess Bride
Regular Show
Rick and Morty
Scream Queens
Sonic The Hedgehog
Star Trek
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Amazing World of Gumball
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
The Princess Bride
The Tick
The X-Files
Tokyo Ghoul
Twin Peaks
Uncle Grandpa
Valiant Comics
We Bare Bears
Winnie The Pooh


ADULT SWIM, the logo, RICK AND MORTY, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2018 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved.
©2018 Cryptozoic Entertainment. 25351 Commercentre Dr. Suite 250, Lake Forest, CA 92630. All rights reserved.
TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Bob’s Burgers™ & © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

© 2018 MARVEL, Inc.

© 2018 Hasbro, Inc.

© 2018 Sanrio, Inc.

© 2018 The Walt Disney Company, Inc.

© 2018 VIZ MEDIA, Inc.
NEW! Find out how many coins your Collection is worth by checking out the Estimated Value of your Collection! Use our Suggested Pricing to help you flip stuff you don’t want to get more coins for stuff you do! Estimated Value and Suggested Pricing are new features that are in beta.

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Quidd - Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! 03.30.00 screenshots 1Quidd - Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! 03.30.00 screenshots 2Quidd - Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! 03.30.00 screenshots 3

>>>Download Quidd – Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! 03.30.00 APK<<<

Bacaan Sholat Lengkap Download APK

Download Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 2.2.5 APK

Aplikasi Bacaan Sholat Lengkap sangat baik untuk dijadikan perpustakaan digital di handphone maupun tablet pintar anda. Bisa dijadikan sebagai bahan pembelajaran mengenai sholat wajib (lima waktu) maupun sholat-sholat lainnya yang sifatnya sunnah dan mungkin jarang kita lakukan.

Beberapa materi yang ada di aplikasi ini antara lain:
– Panduan Wudhu
– Rukun Islam dan Iman
– Adzan dan Iqamah
– Doa dan Dzikir Setelah Sholat
– Doa dan Praktek Shalat Sunah
– Shalat fardhu, gaib dan jenazah
dan kumpulan bacaan sholat sunnah lengkap lainnya.

iMajlis Mobile selaku pengembang aplikasi berbasis konten Islami sangat mengharapkan peran rekan-rekan semua untuk memberikan kritik maupun saran yang membangun bagi pengembangan aplikasi bacaan sholat lengkap maupun aplikasi kami lainnya. Anda dapat mengirimkan kritik dan saran tersebut melalui email mapun website kami.

Demikian, selamat mendownload dan mempelajari bacaan sholat lengkap. Semoga aplikasi ini bermanfaat untuk kita semua. Aamiin,
Application Complete Prayer Reading are excellent for digital libraries in your smart phone or tablet. Can be used as learning materials on the obligatory prayers (five times) as well as other prayers-prayers that are probably rare sunnah and we did.

Some of the material in this application include:
– Free Wudu
– Pillars of Islam and Iman
– Adhan and Iqamah
– Prayer and Dhikr after Prayer
– Prayer and Practice of Prayer Sunnah
– Obligatory prayers, magical and bodies
and a complete set of readings other sunnah prayers.

Mobile iMajlis as Islamic content-based application developers are looking forward to the role of all colleagues to provide constructive criticism and suggestions for prayer readings complete application development and our other applications. You can send your comments and suggestions via email mapun our website.

Similarly, survivors learn to download and complete the prayer readings. Hopefully this application is useful for us all. Aamiin,
Update materi dan perbaikan bacaan shalat jum’at.

>>>Download Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 2.2.5 APK<<<

Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 2.2.5 screenshots 1Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 2.2.5 screenshots 2Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 2.2.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 2.2.5 APK<<<

Furious Speedy Racing Download APK

Download Furious Speedy Racing 2.3 APK

Furious Speedy Racing is a fun and exciting sports car racing simulator game. Become the driver of some of the fastest cars on the City streets in a collection of game modes like classic race, countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazingly realistic racing car driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.
Beat the cars earn the credit, grab the bonus, and upgrade your cars to beat the other challengers that have more heavy steel than yours. Its upto you that
how you are trained to control this piece of metal. You should beat the current challenger to unlock the other. There are total 6 different cars, you can change their
colors and upgrade them using three level upgrading kits. But the most important thing is to earn the credit to buy these up-gradation kits. Color changing of your car
is free for every car.
Realistic Cars:
Drive 6 extremely Fast, beautiful cars on asphalt tracks. Start your career, win enough races and buy new cars to compete in more demanding races.
Start driving in unique cars – never seen before on the asphalt roads in reality and computer games.
Tune & Upgrade
Buy car parts (top speed, acceleration and durability) and upgrade your car. Customize your auto and adjust to your driving style. Doesn’t matter if you like high top speed or pure acceleration – you can modify your car and win races in your own style. Choose which car do do you prefer and buy the one from your dreams – respray the body, mount new engine, improve acceleration and nitro. Become the fastest driver in the city and earn respect from other teams. Show them who is the real car racer.
Realistic City
Universe of illegal races awaits for you. Race in different modes on dangerous asphalt tracks in City. Show your rivals that you are the best in real competition with amazing speed. Pass beautiful modern buildings in real Tokyo street, take unbelievable turns, achieve highest possible velocity among neon.

Furious Speedy Racing offers you a great, fun gaming experience that will help you to become the king of the streets and the best driver on them. So are you excited to get behind the wheel of some realistic super cars and race against other racers, then you’ll be very excited to play Furious Speedy Racing!

– Stunning 3D graphics
– Smooth and realistic car handling
– Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters, muscle cars!
– Detailed environment
– Rich types of NPC racers
– Basic customization through paint and other
– Tilt to steer
– Touch brake button to slow down
– Buy better cars to have better handling
– The faster you drive the more scores you get
– When driving over 100 kmh,
Are you ready for the challenge? Show your friends what a speed demon looks like!
Furious Speedy Racing will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Bug Fixed

>>>Download Furious Speedy Racing 2.3 APK<<<

Furious Speedy Racing 2.3 screenshots 1Furious Speedy Racing 2.3 screenshots 2Furious Speedy Racing 2.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Furious Speedy Racing 2.3 APK<<<

DanceTelevision Download APK

Download DanceTelevision 12.7.1 APK

The Party Is Where You Are!
All the Dance Music you need in 24/7 channels and VOD curated by genre.
DJ & Live Sets from clubs and festivals, Aftermovies, Original Formats. Interviews, Documentaries, etc… anywhere and anytime on: Algorhythm, Deep Tech Minimal, Techno Warehouse, Deep House District, House Floor, Chill AF, EDM Mainstage
This release includes bug fixes and general stability improvements

>>>Download DanceTelevision 12.7.1 APK<<<

DanceTelevision 12.7.1 screenshots 1DanceTelevision 12.7.1 screenshots 2DanceTelevision 12.7.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download DanceTelevision 12.7.1 APK<<<

Financial Freedom Planner Free Download APK

Download Financial Freedom Planner Free 6.0 APK

To some people, financial independence simply means earning enough to pay your bills, so you don’t have to depend on help from your family or the government. To others, it means being free of debt, so you don’t have to rely on credit to make ends meet.

However, when you see the term written with capital letters – as “Financial Independence,” or “FI” – it usually has one very specific meaning: having enough money saved up to support you for the rest of your life. This type of financial independence – also known as being independently wealthy, or having “walk-away-from-it-all money” – means that you don’t have to depend on a salary. Once you reach Financial Independence, you no longer need to work for a living.

So, if you’ve always wanted to give up your job in marketing and become a scuba diving instructor, FI makes it possible to pursue that dream. Even if you don’t make any money from your new job, you can still live off your savings or investments while doing what you love.

The financial freedom planner calculates your Financial Independence number and shows how long it could take you to reach FI at your present rates of spending and saving. However, you don’t have to settle for that. If you can find ways to cut your annual spending or boost your saving – or better yet, do both – you can reach FI a lot faster

The financial freedom planner includes:
• Financial independence calculator: To help calculate your financial independence number
• Budget tracker: This budget tracker will help you calculate your cash surplus after your expenses
• Goal tracker: Write out your goals and understand the obstacles and action needed for the goals
• Net worth Calculator: Understand your current state by calculating your net worth
• Investment Tracker: Track your progress towards financial freedom by using the investment tracker
• Export your financial summary: You can save all the calculations and trackers above on your phone or tablet in .txt format

The road to financial freedom includes increasing your income, reducing your expenses, eliminate debt and save money

Increase your income: The more money you bring in each month, the more you can spare for investing. There are many places to look for extra income, This includes getting additional shifts at work, getting a raise, looking for a second job or starting a side business, selling your belongings and developing a passive income stream.

Reduce expenses: Reducing your expenses actually gives you more bang for your buck than boosting your income. In the short term, both strategies increase the amount you can save each month. However, cutting expenses also helps you in the long term, because it enables you to live on a smaller income for the rest of your life – which, in turn, lowers your FI number and makes it easier to reach. So, every dollar you earn helps you once, but every dollar you save helps you twice. The financial freedom planner helps you understand your income and expenses so that you know how much cash surplus you have to invest and save

Eliminate debt: According to a report by The Pew Charitable Trusts, 80% of all Americans have some kind of debt. About 44% have home mortgages, 39% have credit card debt, 37% have car loans, and 21% have outstanding student loans. All told, a typical household is about $68,000 in the hole.

Most of this debt is just dead weight in your budget. Month after month, you have to pay interest on it without getting anything of value in return. And the longer you take to pay it off, the more interest you end up paying in total.

Paying off your debts frees up more money to put toward your investments. The sooner you can do that, the longer compound interest works for you, and the faster your nest egg grows. The financial freedom planner helps you budget for debt repayment

As your investments grow, you can track your progress toward Financial Independence by using the financial freedom planner.
Android update

>>>Download Financial Freedom Planner Free 6.0 APK<<<

Financial Freedom Planner Free 6.0 screenshots 1Financial Freedom Planner Free 6.0 screenshots 2Financial Freedom Planner Free 6.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Financial Freedom Planner Free 6.0 APK<<<