Droid-CPC Download APK

Download Droid-CPC APK

Droid-CPC is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Android.
The Amstrad CPCs were 8 bits computers popular in Europe.
You can now play thousands of CPC games on your Android device.

Droid-CPC supports:
– Virtual Joystick on touchscreen (analog or directions keys)
– Virtual keyboard
– Hardware gamepads (XB360, Moga, etc.) with customable controls
– Hardware keyboards
– Snapshots (you can save / restore the state of the CPC, so any game can be saved / loaded)
– OpenGL renderer
– Android TV

“Satellite Attack” (a little game I wrote a long time ago) is provided with the emulator so you can quickly check how the emulator works.

How to install and launch games:
You can install games (.dsk files) in /sdcard/Kokak/droidcpc/Disks (/sdcard is your device’s internal flash memory, not the real SDCard).

For each .dsk file you add, you can add a .opt file (= a text file with the same name as the dsk) containing the name of the executable on the floppy disk. So, when you will select the dsk in the launch window, the game will be launched automatically.
Example: for satat.dsk, satat.opt contains “SATELAT.BAS” which is the executable.

To launch games manually, under the basic prompt, simply type:
RUN”executable, where “executable” is the .BAS or .BIN file on the floppy disc.
You can list the files by typing the “CAT” command.

Droid-CPC should work at full framerate on any device.

There are options on the launch window (please scroll it if necessary).
Check “Use Arrows” to replace the virtual analog stick by 4 directions keys.
Uncheck “LowRes Buffer” to have a readable “Mode 2” (slower on low-end devices)
Uncheck “Full Screen” to have original screen ratio.

Inside the emulator, tap the ‘+’ icon to see disks, snapshots, turbo, joystick mapping, reset, numeric keypad, arrows options, the Escape key, and Keyboard to Gamepad mapping.
When the “Keypad” icon is selected it sends numeric keypad keycodes to the emulator when you press numeric keys on the virtual keyboard.
The “Esc” (Escape) key next to the “Keypad” icon sends the “Esc” key to the emulator.
You can use the “arrows” icon (below the “disk” icon) to swap between virtual joypad and arrows virtual keys ingame.
The joystick mapping icon let you map on-screen to an hardware gamepad.
The Keyboard to Gamepad mapping icon let you map keys (from the virtual keyboard or a real keyboard) to an hardware Gamepad.

Droid-CPC homepage: http://kokak.free.fr/android/Droid-CPC.htm
– Removed useless unstoppable music from SATELAT
– Added Android TV support.
– Screen correctly refreshed in original Ratio mode.
– Saved files on DSK are now correctly saved.
– Mapping keys on hardware keyboard fixes. Amstrad COPY key mapped to ALT-GR (mapped to “~” on the virtual keyboard)
– Can map keyboard keys (virtual or hardware) to hardware (usb / bluetooth) Android Gamepad.
– Added Portrait mode (simply rotate your device).
– Max of 2048 files in the DSK folder (instead of 1024)

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Droid-CPC  screenshots 1Droid-CPC  screenshots 2Droid-CPC  screenshots 3

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Geometry Defense: Infinite Tower Defense Game Download APK

Download Geometry Defense: Infinite Tower Defense Game 1.6.007 APK

Geometry Defense: Infinite is a classic infinite tower defense game where you must build a maze to slow enemies and build towers to destroy them. An advanced action-packed and engaging tower defense requiring focus to take on challenges and test your skill. Utilize a vast array of tactics to defeat geometric enemies – poison them with goo, melt them with lasers, burn them, zap them, or freeze them!

Warning! This is NOT an idle tower defense game – along with your towers you will need to use your special abilities to stop the geometric foes! Towers can handle simple enemies but there are counter-mechanics that will require attention or your base will be annihilated. This is the best tower defense if you want to be part of the action.

Permanently upgrade towers, abilities, and player stats in the global Research Lab to take on more powerful enemies.

What are you waiting for? Download the best infinite tower defense game now and free the solar system from geometric evil!

Many Towers – awesome towers with 3 levels and 2 upgrade paths.
Powerful Elements – damage types with different status effects.
Awesome Abilities – powerful spells for dispatching foes that rush past your defenses and counter enemy abilities.
Unique Enemies – to battle and destroy. Every enemy has unique stats that mutate over time, increasing the difficulty and challenge.
Fliers – flying enemies will take the shortest path over towers, be careful!
Sapper – disables towers by latching onto them, can only be destroyed by abilities.
Challenging Bosses – challenge your skill against these special enemies.
Boss – with a huge health pool it will take a lot to stop the basic boss.
Frost Boss – has an aura that dramatically reduces the fire rate of towers.
Magnetron – has an aura that will attract or repel most projectiles depending on its remaining health points.
Flying Boss – huge health pool with the ability to fly over towers.
Expansive Research Lab – with tons of upgrades, improve nearly every stat.
Campaign Missions – defend the realm with over 50 levels and 3 difficulties to choose from. Earn abilities by clearing planets which can be used across all game modes. Earn up to 5 stars per level to unlock more upgrades.
Endless Challenge – infinite/incremental waves with a multiple configurations and a variety of tracks – including tracks with multiple spawn and defense points.
Google Play Games Integration – immerse yourself in hours of gameplay with over 50 achievements, 7 leaderboards, and three difficulty modes for the newbs and veterans alike.
Cloud Save – backup, sync, and save across devices.
Play Anywhere – single player offline works even when your wifi doesn’t!
Procedural Wave Generation – all waves are generated using a procedural algorithm and can be seeded differently to give predictable variation.

The game is actively supported and I plan to bring more of everything to you in the future to make this the best infinite tower defense game. Please share feedback!

Download Geometry Defense: Infinite, the best td game now!

Please email [email protected] or review the app to help make one of the best td games.

Contact [email protected] for any bugs/issues.



Reddit – r/GeometryDefense
Twitter – @ZebecGames
Facebook – @GeometryDefenseTD
Update 1.6 – Gifts from the Void
•Added the Beamer – fires a beam at a single enemy that increases in intensity over time.
•Added the Void tower – traps enemies in a generated singularity for easier destruction.

•Removed file export (fixed progress loss).
•New and improved bloom technique.
•Removed machine translated languages.
•Minor fixes and tweaks.
•Fixed bug in secondary damage for Cannon and Rocket Towers.

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Geometry Defense: Infinite Tower Defense Game 1.6.007 screenshots 1Geometry Defense: Infinite Tower Defense Game 1.6.007 screenshots 2Geometry Defense: Infinite Tower Defense Game 1.6.007 screenshots 3

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Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit Download APK

Download Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit 2.2.10 APK

Do you like to capture life moments and keep it on your phone but don’t have enough space? If so, Video Dieter is the right app for you!

Video Dieter lets you store all your videos at a smaller file size and share your full-length video via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and any messenger app.

Why you should use Video Dieter:
• You can set the video quality and resolution of the output video in a simple way.
• Video Dieter compresses your video files without sacrificing video quality.
• Video Dieter helps to enlarge your device’s disk space.
• You can share long-play videos from your phone with your family and friends.
• You can add your favorite songs to your videos.
• It’s beautifully designed. You’ll love it!

– Easily obtain information about your video’s playtime, file size, and resolution
– Trim unwanted portions of the video
– Add background music
– Set result video resolution and quality
– Fast transcoding
– Share your video via SMS, E-mail, Facebook, YouTube and any apps you want to share with.
– Save encoded videos to albums
– You can capture the moments of video.
– Time lapse & Slow motion mode (0.25 ~ 4 speed)

* You can save your encoded video to your camera roll without losing the original file.
* You’ll be amazed by the results of the encoded file size.
* Using a time lapse option, videos can be downsized more.

** We’re sure that Video Dieter is the fastest video trimmer & compressor application! **

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas of your own, feel free to e-mail us!
[email protected]
App crash bug fixed

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Video Dieter 2 - trim & edit 2.2.10 screenshots 1Video Dieter 2 - trim & edit 2.2.10 screenshots 2Video Dieter 2 - trim & edit 2.2.10 screenshots 3

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Update Phones (All Carriers) Download APK

Download Update Phones (All Carriers) 3.1 APK

Here you find the update for ALL Android phones, the updates for nougat ( Android 7 or Android N ) only available for listed mobile phones. The Android updates are so easy to install that you simply need to download a software in your phone ( firmware ), this app include links to download the lastest android version in your smartphone. Upgrade iphone and Android 7 with this app easily. Select your brand and give you links to the upgrade for android version. It has automatic search for your phone and almost all the existing operators.

With this app you can update software your phone with the official support of the manufacturer or operator and you can upgrade your iphone.

It include Tutorial for update OTA methods, links for download sofware for PC from manufacturers ( Samsung Kies, Lg Pc Suite, Sony Companion,…).

Without using an installation wizard directly to your device, you must look for software from the manufacturer to perform the upgrade process. Generally, this software is usually available on the official web site of the manufacturer. However, we have made a compilation of software required for different manufacturers so you can easily find the resources you need to carry out an update android on your device. As soon as you have downloaded the software manufacturer simply you have to connect your Android mobile or tablet PC with a USB cable and carry out the installation process.
If your are going to Android update or upgrade Iphone version via OTA, the option will automatically appear when a new version becomes available. After accepting (you should) a download will start installing, reconfiguring the phone, and leaving it ready to use. You can also look for an OTA manually by going to “settings => about => update software ” or something similar.
Be aware that you have wi-fi connection and enough battery before carrying the update out, otherwise you’ll get a semi-installed update that makes your device a full piece of brick.
As not every device can get an uninterrupted connection to internet, some manufactures supply the option to download it to your computer and connect the device to perform the installation with the PC instead.
Update for Android, smartphones and tablets
Added more devices
New ui

>>>Download Update Phones (All Carriers) 3.1 APK<<<

Update Phones (All Carriers) 3.1 screenshots 1Update Phones (All Carriers) 3.1 screenshots 2Update Phones (All Carriers) 3.1 screenshots 3

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YI Action – YI Action Camera Download APK

Download YI Action – YI Action Camera 3.9.3 APK

YI 4K Action Camera
The Best Action Camera Ever Period.
4K/30 | 120 minutes recording at 4K/30 (battery capacity 1400mAh) | 8 hours standby | Ambarella A9SE75 chip| 2.19” retina touchscreen | EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) | 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi | 12MP still image | 155° wide-angle | Supports manual setting for shutter/ISO/EV/WB | 9 video modes |Easy social sharing | ¼ Inch thread mount| Bluetooth4.0

YI Community: Lifestyle for young and innovative people

• Super cool image editing effects to enhance your photos/ videos, HDR, Tiny Planet, Half Planet, Spiral Galaxy, and more.
• Support manual settings for shutter/ISO/EV/WB makes even easier to handle different situations
• Up to 18 ways of shooting videos and 5 modes for taking pictures
• User friendly UI design makes super easy to shoot, edit and share your work
• Supports horizontal screen mode to enable the widest preview angle
• Powerful video editing function to produce 6-30 seconds of videos in seconds. You can also add effects, filters and stickers. Everybody is a Hollywood producer!
Share wonderful moments with millions of YI fans! Let’s explore the latest and most innovative ways to have fun with the YI community!

YI Action Camera 1
Ultra-wide angle lens 16MP | Action sports high-speed shooting| Share on the go!
1 Equipped with the world’s leading image process, Ambarella A7LS
2 Features the 16MP Sony Exmor R CMOS, snap clear and crisp HD photos even in the most challenging light conditions.
3 Aspheric lens of high definition optical glass, F2.8 large aperture and 155° super wide-angle enable to snap clear, crisp and colorful image
4 Panasonic high density lithium-ion battery core with low-power consumption system for long lasting battery life
5 10 second video clips to instantly share whenever and whatever you want. We provide the editing, filter, music, etc. function to make your clip more creative and interesting
6 4 picture modes to capture the best images: Photo (16MP), Time lapse, Timer and Burst mode (7 pictures/s)
7 Super smooth 4 video modes: Daily Video Mode (1080P/30FPS), Sports Mode (1080P/60FPS), High Speed Mode (720P/120FPS) and Super Speed Mode (480P/240FPS)
8 On App square you can discover and share those new, special and funny pictures or videos. YI fans are gathered here to share their best content and tips. What are you waiting for?
1. Fixed bugs.

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YI Action - YI Action Camera 3.9.3 screenshots 1YI Action - YI Action Camera 3.9.3 screenshots 2YI Action - YI Action Camera 3.9.3 screenshots 3

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Cloth Scanner Simulator Download APK

Download Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 APK

Cloth Scanner Simulator app is the best Cloth scanner app which contains many images of girls and boys, upon scanning the images you will be displayed the inner garments which looks realistic. You can use this app to prank your friends that you can now scan the cloths of girls. Do share this app with others and leave your comments along with rating
App Is Made In-compliance with google policy
Bug Fixes

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Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 screenshots 1Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 screenshots 2Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 screenshots 3

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Zip File Reader Download APK

Download Zip File Reader 1.1 APK

If you have acquired software or any kind of download documents online, you would probably have sent a zip file with their products. There are many utilities that allow you to uncompress a file or compress a file. The most common compression programs are winzip,winrar,zip file reader, win rar file extractor, winzip rar for android free, rar for android, rar zip file extractor, zip and rar extractor for android, rar extractor, winzip for android free, winzip rar archiver, zip file reader and viewer, 7z file extractor, 7zip plugin,tar.There are many reasons why you can compress and / or archive data as if to create backups that take less space or you can back up your computer files on the Internet or a usb stick for use at another location. They can also be used as backup and protection for files, send someone, or just keep them clean and tidy files on your computer, so you need to file. Other utilities files can easily have different zip or unpack your compressed files process. They are very easy to use, and they all use the same way. If you want other software, make sure that it contains fast zip, archive, the same password encryption unzipping. It should also provide and extract files.

ZIP traditional format is popular, but not necessarily the best. The free Open 7z utility has developed its own code 7Z much higher (7 ZIP) format. While 7z is new to the market, gaining popularity thanks to its simple user interface, improved security and efficient functionality is slowly gaining.7z is much more efficient than traditional ZIP format. I conducted a small experiment that can be easily replicated to verify my statement. In my experience, I have the file originally 65 MB; Microsoft Office files, and also a set of ZIP files. First I compress the traditional Windows Explorer ZIP format. The file was compressed and its size was reduced to 8881 KB. I can use 7z to compress the same file and compress it to 6036 KB. This is a difference of about 3 MB greater than 25%. This difference is phenomenal and amazing popularity post concert on the market.

ZIP dominates the market because it has been used for years. If you send someone a zip file what it is and how easy to handle, but most people do not recognize a 7z archive even when they see it. Despite the dominance of the post market, but it cannot be considered as effective as the 7z format.ZIP has the disadvantage that many e-mail providers allow you to read the contents of your ZIP file and will not allow it to send when it contains an executable file. While the files that were compressed with 7z do not break into emails, so you can send anything you want. This shows that using 7z archives are much safer than traditional ZIP files.7z is extremely easy to use. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface. When you start to see a list of files with some tooltips and menus 7z.It does not contain the annoying interruptions as wizards, announcements, or welcome dialogues.
Improve UI

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Zip File Reader 1.1 screenshots 1Zip File Reader 1.1 screenshots 2Zip File Reader 1.1 screenshots 3

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Good Morning GIF Download APK

Download Good Morning GIF 1.1 APK

Good Morning GIF

Good Morning Gifs is a collection of the best Good Morning animated Gifs that are easy to share with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and Download Gif as well as in social networks.
GIF Good Morning Collection Application is an absolutely wonderful and Good Morning collection Of Good Morning Gif or Photo or Images or Wallpaper
Valentine Day is the most romantic day for the Good Morning, so here are the best gifs of Good Morning for you.
“Gifs Good Morning ” contains best valentine gifs.
GIF Good Morning Collection Application is an absolutely wonderful and Good Morning collection Of Valentine Gif Or Photo Or Images Or Wallpapers.
Everyday Good Morning you can use this app to memorize your Good Morning ones..
This Latest Gif Good Morning Collection application includes a great collection of many Good Morning and Beautiful Gif Images for you.

We want give you the best of Good Morning Or Good Morning Gif application about GIF. Please install my application and enjoy it.

Good Morning App Features:
1. Free application
2. Nice collection of Good Morning gif
3. Easy To Use
4. Best User Interface
5. Fast speed
6. awesome & cool gifs
7. User-friendly interface
8. Save & share Kisses gif to your Good Morning done, family, and friends.
9. Find GIF images for any woman or man, girl or boy for anyone.
10. It’s totally free and easy to use.
11. 100% free application
12. No limits in daily downloads
13. Easy to save as your own wallpapers & backgrounds
14. This app provide tons of GiF like Good Morning Gif, Christmas Gif, Smileys GIF, Good Morning GIF Images,
15. Make romantic chatting with your Good Morning .

A Good Morning is a touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person or cheek, head, hand or other body parts of another person, animal or object.
Send Good Morning Gif Images for Chat to anyone you Good Morning . Make your chat more loving and special one using this app.
It has Fully animated Good Morning GIF give you romantic chat with your Good Morning one with I Good Morning you gif,

This App Sharing:
1. Whatsapp
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Instagram
5. Hike
6. Messenger

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10. 2017 Good Morning GIF
11. Good Morning GIF Photos

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Good Morning GIF 1.1 screenshots 1Good Morning GIF 1.1 screenshots 2Good Morning GIF 1.1 screenshots 3

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Police Cops Duty Action Download APK

Download Police Cops Duty Action 1.0 APK

Police Cops Duty Action is an action packed game. Become a hero of the city by performing your duty well in this cops games. Through this police game you can learn how to arrest or kill the criminals and clean your city from the terrorists.

In this Police Cops Duty Action Game, there is a city full of criminal mafia and terrorists and it’s going to be really tough for you to do your duty at best. Because these criminals are not very easy to catch. So it’s like a rough tough situation. Your first priority is to kill or arrests the criminals and maintains peace in your city.

Police job is not an easy task, so if you are a fan of police robbers chase games then this police cops duty action game is for you. So show your shooting skills and also show your intelligence to arrest the criminals. This crime game is all about the crimes and arresting the criminals. You perform as a honest police officer in this cops game and make sure that your city is safe.

This police cops duty action game has several missions. Like sometimes you are going to face terrorist attacks, so use your brain, make proper strategy and counter them with your fast duty car. And sometimes you have to chase the thief cars and arrest them. And also re-arrest the prisoners who are escaped from the jail. To the completion of the mission you are given some specials bikes and cars.

This police cops duty action game is full of fun and addiction. Because in this game you have power to do anything like any good thing. You can take actions against all type of law violations and maintain the peoples prosperity through your job. You can use cars, motorbikes and sometimes even plane to complete the mission in this police duty game. And this shooting and arresting game is for everyone.

So let’s get ready to chase down the criminals in your city in this police and cops games. It’s a great opportunity for you to become a real hero by killing all the criminals and save the whole city in lawlessness conditions. After finishing the criminals you have to make sure that your city is safe now through stop the buses and trucks. You have to keep an eye on everything in the city.

And in the last after saving your whole city in this police cops duty action game you have to sacrifices yourself to save the Mr. President.

• Free to play
• Addictive game play
• Smooth controls
• HD graphics and realistic sounds
• Big vice city environment
• Variety of police cars
• Multi-touch game
• Different addictive levels
• Police duty car with realistic physics
• Get ready for the pursuit
• Racing and chasing scenes
• Many missions to choose
• Many criminals to arrest
• Different numbers of weapons
• Chasing and smashing cars game
Have fun with this police cops duty action game!

>>>Download Police Cops Duty Action 1.0 APK<<<

Police Cops Duty Action 1.0 screenshots 1Police Cops Duty Action 1.0 screenshots 2Police Cops Duty Action 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Police Cops Duty Action 1.0 APK<<<

Vigo Video – Funny Short Video Download APK

Download Vigo Video – Funny Short Video 5.9.0 APK

Watch and enjoy the best short videos from people around the world! Download Vigo Video, a worldwide social platform to meet and create. Make new friends and share your daily life through videos. Create with flattering filters, stickers and effects to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special moments. Follow friends and creators in the world’s biggest community, and be with the world now on Vigo Video!

🌎 Meet new friends and connect around the world!
● Follow and interact with other video makers
● Send private messages to friends
● Share cool videos to social media

😊 Be part of a huge community!
● Browse through a feed specially curated to your interests
● Tailor your feed on what you like to watch and share
● Be entertained with thousands of videos to swipe through

🎨 Show off your artistic vision!
● Make yourself look flattering with filters
● Shoot clips and merge them together with filters and effects
● Speed up or slow down your video clips

🎵 Jam out with music!
● Discover the latest and hottest music to use to your videos
● Choose your favorite music to play for your best moments
● Express yourself with different songs and artists

Download Vigo Video and meet your worldwide friends now!

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]
Advertisement Inquires: [email protected]
* Support GIF comments now, find your favorite video and have a try!
* Easy to use the same sticker to post a new video now
* Bug fixes and improvements to improve your overall experience

Your feedback helps us improve Vigo Video. If you have any questions, please contact us at Me—Settings—Feedback.

>>>Download Vigo Video – Funny Short Video 5.9.0 APK<<<

Vigo Video - Funny Short Video 5.9.0 screenshots 1Vigo Video - Funny Short Video 5.9.0 screenshots 2

>>>Download Vigo Video – Funny Short Video 5.9.0 APK<<<