SCW EasyView Mobile Download APK

Download SCW EasyView Mobile 4.4.1 APK

EasyView Mobile is the perfect companion app to your SCW brand surveillance system.

***This app is only designed to use SCW equipment and requires an internet connection on location and an internet connection on your phone to view the cameras remotely. It also requires some setup, including opening ports on your router; we are happy to do this for you if you have SCW equipment. Please call our tech support line to help setup the app.***

Here are just a few of it’s features:

Remotely view your system live
Remotely view recordings
Monitor audio and video (with audio capable cameras)
View up to 4 live or recorded streams at one time
Control Pan Tilt Zoom cameras directly in the app
Access multiple NVRs and DVRs on the same screen
1. Transcoding Playback
2. Fisheye Expansion
3. Up to 32 Channels Live View
4. Two-way Audio with IP Channel
5. Multi-Division Live View Optimization
6. FAQ
7. Bug Fixes

>>>Download SCW EasyView Mobile 4.4.1 APK<<<

SCW EasyView Mobile 4.4.1 screenshots 1SCW EasyView Mobile 4.4.1 screenshots 2

>>>Download SCW EasyView Mobile 4.4.1 APK<<<

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